Lost Dunkirk

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CONFERENCE: SUNY Undergraduate Research Conference

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Wallace, Russell; Somerfeldt, Paul D; Nesbitt, John F
History; Dunkirk; Digital
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Lost DunkirkThe Lost Dunkirk project came out of a class called Digital History. Our main goal for this project was to digitize the history of some buildings of Dunkirk, NY and create a public Internet exhibit on Lost Dunkirk. In order to digitize the history of Dunkirk we used a website builder known as Omeka. We selected buildings that we felt had the most significance in a local perspective and we gave a brief history of each building that we chose. With each building’s history the group included pictures of the building from various perspectives and times. Each building had its own demise whether through local urban renewal and tear down, while others met their end through fire. Some of these buildings still stand today as a test of time but see a new purpose. Research for this project was done at the Dunkirk Historical Society as well as online and at the on campus archive. We spent hours going through many old newspapers and photographs to get the information we used. Through our research we discovered that each building had a significant place in the hearts of those from Dunkirk as well as some historical significance. The site that we built can be edited and is changing with new information being found.