Waiting as Resistance: Lingering, Loafing, and Whiling Away

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Sociologia Internationalis, Page: 79-95

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Schweizer, Harold
time; waiting; consumption; resistance; economics; capitalism; poetry
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„Waiting as Resistance: Lingering, Loafing, and Whiling Away” is a critique of the economics of consumption, suggesting that the widespread denigration of waiting as lost time and its economic and psychological displacements in consumer goods amount to a denigration of human life itself. In the practice of lingering and its related temporalities, the author proposes, we regain an appreciation of the fundamental temporality of all things, that everything, we humans included, is constituted by time. Conceptually indebted to Theodor Adorno and substantiated with reference, chiefly to Walt Whitman’s “Leaves of Grass” and other poetic works, this argument throughout opposes the reification of time as money and the attendant social and economic demotion of all value to exchange value.