Management Approach to Preventive Health Solutions (MAPHS): Sustainable, Value-Based, Customized Training Modules

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a. Description of the organization: this study details a retail grocer’s commitment to advancing health-enhanced cost containment efforts for the management level employees at 150 outlets located in eight counties across two north-eastern states (2010-2011). In 2011, the population was increased to include 24 additional properties across 5 north-eastern states including all unionized employees and their families b. Summary of the primary program: a data-driven, customized series of regional, mandatory trainings established clarity (“Theory of Wellativity”, “MAP Your Wellability”), systemic continuity, and population unity, while facilitating voluntary participation in biometric screening protocols, confidential feedback and support mechanisms. Similar protocols were repeated annually with ongoing MAPHS training content customization. c. Explanation of the evaluation plan: aggregate biometric reports, observational and anecdotal data, were reflected against industry norms and compensation & benefits forecasting trends annually. Population response, acceptance, favorability and receptiveness to cultural change were noted. Active participation in and successful completion of MAPHS leadership training modules was tracked quarterly. d. Summary of the program impact: MAPHS training achieved successful completion rates between 93-97% annually; biometric screening participation increased 44%, 57%, 81% and 86% respectively from 2010-13. Similarly, healthcare cost containment calculations reflected overall cost reductions at 2-3%., 5.77%, 12%, and 13-15% (estimated for ’13) respectively since the program’s inception. Invited to present findings at 2013: American Journal of Health Promotion National Conference WELCOA – Wellness Councils of America IAAP – International Association of Administrative Professionals IFEB - International Foundation of Employee Benefits Plans