Lean Inventory Management System for Boeing Missile Defense

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Partridge, Danielle
Lean; Inventory; Management System; Boeing; Missile Defense; Industrial Engineering; Operations Research, Systems Engineering and Industrial Engineering; Other Engineering; Other Operations Research, Systems Engineering and Industrial Engineering; Systems Engineering
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Lean inventory management is influential for business. One of the wastes businesses aim to reduce, using lean principles, is inventory. Inventory management provides the essential tools for eliminating extra inventory and cost that is tied up in capital.Boeing’s Ground Based Missile Defense inventory area was failing at meeting their proprietary lean manufacturing goals. There was a need for an inventory system that included: lean principles, inventory management and user-friendly capability. The goal of this project’s inventory management database process was to minimize inventory investment while still meeting functional requirements. The deliverables for this project met the needs of Boeing’s Missile Defense Program. Their Lean standards have been utilized and implemented In order to design a proper inventory management system; discussion on user-friendly capability was taken into consideration with an appropriate amount of technical abilities. The Access inventory management system provided accurate reports to ensure proper reordering methods. The results were analyzed on the new inventory management system through value stream maps and economic analysis. In conclusion, there was a savings of $10,466.00 which included distance saved due to improved facility design, time saved by the team member in inventory area, and the purchaser labor cost due to increased visibility in inventory.