Designing a Deep Space Bioregenarative System

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Lopez, Hiram; Journey, Khrissaundra; Boyle, Richard
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Our purpose for assembling a closed system marine habitat that is self-sustaining will involve an eventual mission of astronauts being able to feed themselves in deep space or while visiting Mars. This mission, when possible, will require us to have a bioregenerative system. The closed system marine habitat, that we are in the process of building, will house microbes, marine algae, certain types of aquatic plant species, invertebrates, and other types of marine organisms that will coexist in space for scientific research and analysis. Our system will consist of five subcomponents, minimum human intervention, invertebrates, nongravitropic plants, nitrogen fixating bacteria, and an electronic component that will be utilized to help maintain the system and collect data. The invertebrates utilized will help give scientist a better understanding of how microgravity, cosmic radiation, and different particles in the space environment have an effect on the organisms. This mission will precede future missions of sending vertebrates to deep space for a long duration of time.