To Work or Not to Work: That is the question. An Intergenerational Approach to Female Labor Market Behavior

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Wang, Huaiyu
labor force; female; discrimination; intergenerational effects
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Taking into account the randomness of wage offers, my study models the dynamics of change in employment as a stochastic process. Thus, based on the assumption that individuals are rational and future-focused, the expected utility of participation in the labor market, along with the current utility of employment, affects individuals' current employment status. Using data from the General Social Survey, I applied a two-stage logistic regression model to investigate female labor participation and labor supply separately. The same observable and intergenerational factors are included at both stages as explanatory variables to estimate the influence of each factor on the female labor force. These results are also compared with the results for males. This paper integrates female labor participation and labor supply. It also expands on existing studies by incorporating intergenerational effects into the analysis of females' labor market decision making.