Are You What You Eat? An Inside Look at High-Tech Food

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Miller, Roxanne Greitz
Safety; Foods Instruction; Science Instruction; Technological Advancement; Food; Genetics; Teaching Methods; Radiation Biology; Food Chemistry; Food Processing; Food Science; Science and Mathematics Education
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If we abide by the familiar saying "you are what you eat," it is understandable that people may be concerned with the incredible advances in food science technology and their possible impacts on human health. For example, in recent years high-tech scientific processes such as genetic modification, irradiation, and cloning have all been used to increase the safety of food supply, create foods that are more appealing to eat and easier to produce, and increase crop yields. This article will summarize a few hot topics in food science, address what is currently known about the safety of these processes, and present resources on the subject to use with your students.