Electricity Demand Due to Policy Change in the U.K.

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Journal of Environmental and Resource Economics at Colby, Vol: 4, Issue: 1, Page: 11

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Doherty, Kevin W
electricity; energy; Nationalgrid; U.K.; Economics; Environmental Health; Natural Resource Economics; Natural Resources and Conservation; Oil, Gas, and Energy; Sustainability
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This paper examines United Kingdom Electricity Demand with regards to the Climate Change Act, which was enacted in November of 2008. Through actual demand data obtained from Nationalgrid, a U.K. based gas and electric utility company, this paper seeks to find out if the Climate Change Act has started to achieve its goal of reducing carbon emissions by looking at trends of electricity demand. Burning fossil fuels to produce electricity is a major contributor to global warming in the U.K. and policies enacted do not always live up to their ultimate goals. This paper tests how on track the Climate Change Act actually is to meeting its long term goals of cutting emissions and if an individual policy can actually have more than minimal effects on decreasing electricity demand GHG emissions. I find that their need to be a more large scale efforts towards reducing emissions and that no one individual policy like the Climate Change Act of 2008 will have any large significant effect on reduction in emissions.