There Never Was A Girl Like You

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Alstyne, Egbert Van; Williams, Harry
musical score description
[Verse 1] Sunny was the day in the month of May As we drove along the mountainside You were happy, Lou, I was happy too As I rode beside my blushin’ bride. Folks along the way stopped a-makin’ hay Just to come and wish us joy for life, And you turned so red, when somebody said, Boy, you sure have got a sweet young wife.[Chorus] My darling Lou, Lou, how the birds are callin’ and the morning glories miss you too, my honey. Lou, Lou, how ma’ tears are fallin’ For there never was a gal like you.[Verse 2] I’ve got roses, Lou, honeysuckles too In that little spot beyond the mill, And they’re goin’ to stay fresh until the day, When I come an’ join you on the hill. Seems the Lord was quite a selfish like, For to rob me of your sunny smile, But instead I know, I should thank Him so, Cause he left you with me for a while[Chorus]