Nobody Knows and Nobody Seems to Care

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Berlin, Irving
musical score description
VERSE 1I’m sad and lonely,There’s a good reason whyNobody cares about meThat’s why I’m sad as can beI long for some oneSomebody, yes indeedLovin’ kisses from one,Is exactly what I needCHORUSMany’s the time I feel so lonesomeBut nobody knows,And nobody caresI’ve grown so tired of being by my “own some”I want somebody to hug,Cuddle and snug as comfy as a bug in a rug,Many’s the time I feel like spooning,But nobody knows and nobody caresI guess I’ll make out a little “ad”That I want some lovin’ so bad‘Cause nobody knows and nobody seems to care.VERSE 2I’d love a sweetie,Hanging around the placeSomeone to worry aboutI’d never want to go outMy home is gloomyNobody’s there that’s whyI feel “bride and groomy”Can’t you see it in my eyeCHORUS