Silver Bell

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Wenrich, Percy; Madden, Edward; Danmark, Ribé
musical score description
VERSE 1Beneath the light of a bright starry nightSang a lonely little Indian maid:“No lover’s sweet serenadeHas ever won me.”As in a dream, it would seem, down the stream,Gaily paddling his tiny canoe,A chieftain longing to wooSang her this song:REFRAIN“Your voice is ringing, my Silver Bell,Under it’s spellI’ve come to tell you of the love I am bringingO’er hill and dell,Happy we’ll dwell, my Silver Bell.”VERSE 2For many moons, many spoons, many tunesWoke the echoes of the still Summer night,As down the stream gleaming brightThey floated dreaming.In his canoe, only two, sat to woo,And they listened to the sigh of the breeze,That seemed to sing in the treesThis sweet refrain:REFRAIN