Let the Rest of the World Go By

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Brennan, J. Keirn; Ball, Ernest R.
musical score description
[VERSE 1]Is the struggle and strifeWe find in this lifeReally worth while, after all?I've been wishing todayI could just run awayOut where the west winds call.[REFRAIN]With some one like youA pal good and trueI'd like to leave it all behindAnd go and findSome place that's knownTo God aloneJust a spot to call our own.We'll find perfect peaceWhere joys never ceaseOut there beneath a kindly skyWe'll build a sweet little nestSomewhere in the westAnd let the rest of the world go by.[VERSE 2]Is the future to holdJust struggles for goldWhile the real world waits outsideAway out on the breastOf the wonderful WestAcross the great Divide?[REFRAIN]