Virginia Rose Bud

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Kavanaugh, F. H.
musical score description
I had a flow'r within my garden growing,A plant I cherish'd with a father's care;While other Darkies round dis spot were roving,To catch de sweets dat fill'd de de desert air, I watch'd dis plant both day and night, awaitingAnd like her mother she was blithe and gayOne night I left her in her bed a dreaming,And in de mornin she was stole was stole aChorus:Dey stole, dey stole, dey stole his child away!dey stole, dey stole, dey stole his child away!Oh! hear my story, Oh hear me I pray; my heart, my heart is breaking for my child,my child dey stole away!2nd verseOh! daddy's heart was widow'd and dejectedI wander'd forth into de fields in vain,And every plant on me a shade reflected,My tears dey fell unto de ground like rain.De sun above look'd down upon my sorrow,My heart had almost burst its bonds in vain.My child was stole, was lost to me forever,I never saw dat angel angel form a