1779 - Plano de la insigne Entrada de Bucarely, en la Costa Septentrional de la California

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Archivo General Militar de Madrid, Spain

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Early Pacific Northwest map; Prince of Wales Island; Puerto de Burcareli; Ignacio de Arteaga; Juan Francisco de la Bodega y Quadra; Education; Social and Behavioral Sciences
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On February 11, 1779, two vessels, the Princesa and the Favorita, commanded by Ignacio de Arteaga and Juan Francisco de la Bodega y Quadra, set sail launching Spain’s third expedition from San Blas, Mexico, to Nueva Galicia (the Pacific Northwest). Their orders were to sail far from the coastline and aim for 70° north latitude and to take formal possession of the land from 50° to 70° north latitude. After an 81-day voyage, they set anchor in the entrance of Puerto de Bucareli situated 55° 17' north latitude on May 3, 1779. They spent six weeks exploring the coastal area and preparing detailed charts of the coastline and many waterways meandering between the islands.