Growler Galaxy

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Smith, Austin
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Ellensburg could really use a good growler fill station. Growler Galaxy, to be owned and operated by me, will bring the pleasure of fresh craft beers in growlers to our town. Why growlers? They’re a fun, appealing, economical way to drink beer. When you buy a growler of beer, you drink it soon. Then you don’t just toss your empty growler – you fill it again. Growler Galaxy will be your go-to place to fill it with new and interesting beer as often as you like. Why does Ellensburg need such a store? You can fill growlers at Happy’s, Iron Horse, Wineworks, and elsewhere, right? Sort of. You can fill your growler at a few establishments around town. But it’s done as a sideline, an afterthought to the main business. Selection and turnover is low. Prices are high. The growler fill business in Ellensburg is rudimentary. That’s why a dedicated growler fill station is needed and is bound to thrive. Growler Galaxy will have sixteen taps to start with – more as demand grows. Beer selection will change often (apart from a few bestselling mainstays), so customers will come back often to see what’s new. Our low prices, live-updated online tap list, and loyalty cards (and friendly and knowledgeable counter staff) will make it easy and rewarding to patronize us. My business appeals to the burgeoning taste for a variety of fresh craft beers. It advances appreciation of craft beer. It taps an untapped (so to speak) market.