Mortgage Crisis: Exploring Incentives Prevalent During the Boom and Bust of the 2001-2007 Mortgage Market

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Nowicki, Justin P.
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2008 Economic Crisis; Mortgage Market; Economics; Finance
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The purpose of this thesis is to explain the mortgage market's behavior from 2001 through the first quarter of 2007 by discussing the economic incentives key market participants faced. By exploring incentives faced by key participants, a multifaceted yet logical explanation for the aggressive economic expansion and contraction appears. Throughout this paper I argue that the simultaneous acting upon of such incentives was fundamental to the market behavior and that the actions of each participant are, for the most part, understandable given the incentives that each faced. The paper will describe the monetary and cultural incentives underlying this behavior and show how they pertain to the macroeconomic context of the time and to the mortgage crisis. While the incentives discussed in this paper do not comprise an exhaustive list, they sufficiently cover the most vital influences. Most importantly, this thesis does not attempt to find one factor to be more important than another.