A Role for Dynamin-Dependent Endocytosis During Drosophila Gastrulation

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Kuhl, Marissa Kay
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Gastrulation; Cell Intercalation; Dynamin; Endocytosis.; Biology; Developmental Biology
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Gastrulation, a process conserved among many higher organisms, is the directed migration of cells into layers that will establish various tissues targeted to become anatomical structures. This process is accomplished through another conserved morphogenetic event, known as cell intercalation. Early in development, this movement of cells within an organized tissue leads to unique cellular arrangements where neighboring cells contract their shared interfaces in order to meet at a shared vertex. In this thesis, I present work that demonstrates a requirement for Dynamin-dependent endocytosis during these contraction events. Using quantitative analysis, I have identified varied cell behaviors during experiments which knockdown the function of dynamin. In addition, I demonstrate the existence of an antagonistic relationship between Dynamin and the Myosin II motor protein. Lastly, localization and functional studies I performed for this work suggest a role for Sorting Nexin proteins during plasma membrane reorganization required for Dynamin-dependent endocytosis.