The Deep Seascape: The Sonic Sea

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DeLuca, Erik Ian
Florida International University
thesis / dissertation description
The Deep Seascape set out to explore the unusual, indeterminate sonic capabilities of the sea and the creatures inhabiting it, fulfilling a curiosity to listen to the often-inaudible aspects of this unique sonic world. The project culminates in a two-part installation/performance presenting the captured material as a soundscape and performing compositions influenced by the research, bridging the two using acousmatic techniques focusing on speaker spatialization and technology. In order to explore this sonic world extensive research in the field of acoustic oceanography was conducted including research in underwater recording technology, animal vocalization, and underwater sound propagation characteristics. A discussion of the theory and philosophy behind soundscapes is provided with particular focus on the work of R. Murray Schafer and David Dunn. Issues related to sound pollution and its impact on creating and documenting soundscapes are also critically examined.