Discovery and Targeted Monitoring of Biomarkers Using Liquid Chromatography, Ion Mobility Spectrometry , and Mass Spectrometry

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Adams, Kendra J
Analytical Chemistry; Mass Spectrometry; Trapped Ion Mobility Spectrometry; Liquid Chromatography; Biomarkers; Endocrine Disruptors; Lipids
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The complexity of biological matrices makes the detection and quantification of compounds of interest challenging. For successful targeted or untargeted identification of compounds within a biological environment, the use of complementary separation techniques is routinely required; in many situations, a single analytical technique is not sufficient. In the present dissertation, a multidimensional analytical technique was developed and evaluated, a combination of new sample preparation/extraction protocols, liquid chromatography, trapped ion mobility and mass spectrometry (e.g., LC-TIMS-MS and LC-TIMS-MS/MS). The performance of these techniques was evaluated for the detection of polybrominated diphenyl ethers metabolites, polychlorinated biphenyls metabolites in human plasma, opioid metabolites in human urine, and lipids in Dictyostelium discoideum cells. The new workflows and methods described in the body of this dissertation allows for rapid, selective, sensitive and high-resolution detection of biomarkers in biological matrices with increased confidence, sensitivity and shorter sample preparation and analysis time.