Volume 38, Number 10 (October 1920)

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Cooke, James Francis
Theodore Presser Company
Thurlow Lieurance; American Indian music; Charles Wakefield Cadman; Arthur Nevin; Carlos Troyer death; Composition; Ethnomusicology; Fine Arts; History; Liturgy and Worship; Music; Music Education; Musicology; Music Pedagogy; Music Performance; Music Practice; Music Theory
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Musical Soul of the American IndianKeyboard Masters of Other YearsDoes Your Piano Need a Scavenger?Light TouchAmerican Indian's Music IdealizedGreat Possibilities of American Music ClubsPlaces That Don't Sound Right and What to Do With ThemShall I Take Up Music as a Profession?Be Generous with PraiseImpressions of Indian Music as Heard in the Woods, Prairies, Mountains and WigwamsPassing of Carlos Troyer, Musician and Explorer: Famous Friend of the Indians and the Notable Work He AccomplishedInteresting Facts About the IndiansIndian Musicians in the Modern WorldLieurance ProgramCollectors of Native American Indian MelodiesSaving Indian Music and Legend from AnnihilationConcerning ContestsAmerican Indian Music: Selected by Leading Publishers Especially for School, Club and Concert UseHow Many Parts are There?Speed in PracticeRecent Developments in the Study of Indian MusicPossible Remedy for Some Musicians' Nervous TroublesGiving the Left Hand a ChanceProblem of Music in the CollegeFixing a Piece