Military Children and Holistic Education: A Narrative Reflection on Classroom Practice

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Allison, Edith
ETD; military children; military families; DODEA; student mobility; deployment; war; holistic education; Bilingual, Multilingual, and Multicultural Education; Curriculum and Instruction; Curriculum and Social Inquiry; Education; Educational Administration and Supervision; Philosophy; Special Education and Teaching; Jack N. Averitt College of Graduate Studies, Electronic Theses & Dissertations, ETDs, Student Research
thesis / dissertation description
This dissertation uses autobiographical narrative inquiry as a source of knowledge-generating reflection to examine how the educational needs of military children might be met through the use of holistic educational practices rather than a (well-intentioned) traditional, standardized curriculum. Data were gathered through observation; personal experience as a military child, military member, mother of military children and teacher of military children; journal entries and vicarious experiences shared by students, parents, educators and other invested in this population of learners. Experiences were compiled into fictional composites to protect the identity of all parties as well as national security. These composites were then represented graphically in a series of cartoons, a .teacher handbook. and a faux journal article all buttressed by current research. Issues examined include teacher/student roles in the learning process, meaning-making and education as transformation.