Peer Counseling: A Program Designed for the Prevention of Pregnancy among African-American High School Students

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Rountree, Joanne allen
ETD; Peer counsling programs; Training; Behavioral counseling; Community health nursing; Teenage pregnancy; African American schools; Nursing; Legacy ETDs
thesis / dissertation description
Peer counseling programs are structured for young people to acquire training and to provide accurate information and effective behavioral counseling to their contemporaries. This community health nursing project provides a design for peer counseling in sexuality targeted at the prevention of teenage pregnancy. The target school is a predominately African-American school with a high percentage of students who are either pregnant or teenage parents. This project outlines a complete step by step guide for the development and implementation of a peer counseling program for teenage pregnancy prevention. It also includes a detailed training curriculum which is modified to give the program an African-American frame of reference for effective intervention with African-American teens. This design can be easily adapted and used for the creation of peer counseling programs in other schools, churches, and community organizations.