Implementing Technology in Secondary Science and Mathematics Classrooms: A Perspective on Change

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CONFERENCE: Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education (SITE)

Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education International Conference (SITE), Page: 1827-1832

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Slough, Scott W.; Connell, Michael L.; Chamblee, Gregory
Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education
Interactive whiteborads research; Mathematics classroom; LearnTechLib review; Middle grade mathematics; Secondary mathematics; Teachers; Mathematics teaching; Analysis; WebCT-based course; Concerns-based adoption model; Changes; Assess; Technology implementation; Ten-year retrospective; 21st century; Pedagogical content knowledge; Science teaching; Learning; Integrating; Mathematics; Science; Technology; Education goals; Interdisciplinary approach; Looking; Learners; Legacy; Technological content knowledge; TCK; Reflections; Two-week technology immersion workshop; Yearlong professional development program; Graphing calculators; Algebra I; Algebra II; IPC; Chemistry teachers; Perceptions; Change; Implications; Interactive whiteboards; Research; Mathematics classrooms; Comparison; Web 2.0; Assessment tools; Examination; Interactive whiteboard perceptions; Stages; Concern; Apple classrooms; Model; Instructional evolution; Implementing technology; Secondary science classrooms; Secondary mathematics classrooms; Perspective; LearnTEchLib review; lesson plans; pre-service teacher; teacher education; Web 2.0; Managing technology; U.S. public high schools; Concerns-based adoption model approach; Teacher perceptions; Users; Future-users; High school; Middle school; Secondary mathematics teachers; Observed use; Classroom; Measuring; Mathematics teachers; Science teachers; Yearlong study; Looking beyond; Short-term implementation; Low level concerns; Assessing; Full impact; CBAM; High school mathematics teachers; Longitudinal study; Year 3; Synthesis; Academics, Education, Middle Grades & Secondary Education, Faculty Presentations; Curriculum and Instruction; Educational Methods; Academics, Education, Middle Grades & Secondary Education, Faculty Publications; Education
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conference paper description
The purpose of this paper is to examine and describe the change process as technology is implemented in secondary science and mathematics classrooms. This paper synthesizes the results from two studies, a qualitative study on implementation concerns of secondary science teachers resulting from the use telecommunications (Slough, 1998) and a quantitative study on technology implementation concerns of middle and secondary mathematics teachers and potential teachers of first-year algebra in North Carolina (Chamblee, 1996). The Concerns Based Adoption Model (CBAM) provided a theoretical framework for both studies.