What Is The Rational For Opening Elementary School In Somalia?

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School of Education Student Capstone Theses and Dissertations

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Mohamed, Abdikarim
Community Building; Curriculum; International Teaching; Parent Involvement; Education; Field Guide Project
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This project explores the research question “What is the rational for opening an Elementary school in Somalia” It creates and builds a new private school for the children in Somalia that will focus on increasing achievement standards to the highest possible levels, by utilizing the STEM curriculum and a comprehensive college preparation with emphasis on science, technology, engineering and mathematics — while ensuring that quality character education is taught through every opportunity, and that all learn responsibility, respect, honesty, and the skills of analysis. The project then narrows down to the focus of planning and outline. This explains different models-finance, Architectural and security models. Throughout the different chapters, the author describes the benefits, but also the barriers that come with implementing a new school. It provides readers information on several different types of school designs and classroom designs. The project concludes with a reflection on the project and what the future holds for the educational field.