SCED6100-CO2.Earth Systems:Inside/Out.F14.Randle,David

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Randle, David
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Feel like you're standing on solid ground? In fact, the Earth and its atmosphere form a dynamic system in a state of constant flux. Explore the geological events and systems that have shaped the planet and made it habitable. Discover the world through a geologist's eyes. Delve into the geological events that shaped the planet over millions of years, and consider the interconnected systems that cause earthquakes, volcanoes, and major climate changes. A grasp of the scale and nature of geologic change increases your understanding of how the Earth supports life. Offered in partnership with the American Museum of Natural History. Please register 2 weeks prior to course start date to ensure receipt of course materials. Accelerated online schedule. Target audience: educators 6-adult. Note: Shortly before the course begins, you will receive an email directly from AMNH providing information on how to access the online course. The e-mail will go to your "preferred" e-mail address (as listed in the Hamline database), and you should receive it by the week prior to the course start. Courses offered in partnership with AMNH are nonrefundable after the start date of the course. Please contact for the current tuition rate.