Typing Success of Short Tandem Repeat Loci on Skeletal Remains: Comparison of the AmpFLSTR® Identifiler® Plus and GlobalFiler™ PCR Amplification Kit.

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Garcia, Stephanie A.
Typing; Identifiler Plus; GlobalFiler; Short Tandem Repeats; Skeletal remains; DNA; Forensic Genetics; Kits; Genetics; Genetics and Genomics; Medical Genetics
thesis / dissertation description
The AmpFLSTR® Identifiler® Plus PCR Amplification Kit (Life Technologies, Carlsbad, CA), and the recently released GlobalFiler™ PCR Amplification Kit (Life Technologies) were compared to determine which provided the greater power of discrimination from DNA extracted from skeletal remains. I hypothesized, STR profiles obtained using the GlobalFiler™ kit for analysis of skeletal remains would result in an increased number of reportable genetic loci, and provide greater power of discrimination as compared to the Identifiler® Plus Kit. The results of this study showed GlobalFiler™, along with an automated extraction, could produce comparable or greater genetic typing results and discriminatory power from skeletal remains without the use of a second amplification kit.