Loving the World and Our Children Enough--Nurturing Decidedly Different Scientifc Minds, by Design

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Marshall, Stephanie Pace
children; cognition; curriculum; design; education; epistemology; generative; landscape; learners; learning; map; minds; mind-shaping; neuroplasticity; neuroscience; problem-solving; schooling; schools; story; sustainability; teaching; teachers; thinking; transformation; wise; wisdom; Child Psychology; Cognitive Psychology; Curriculum and Instruction; Curriculum and Social Inquiry; Educational Assessment, Evaluation, and Research; Educational Psychology; Educational Sociology; Gifted Education; Science and Mathematics Education; Social and Philosophical Foundations of Education
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Wise world-shaping and problem-solving requires that we and our children think in decidedly different, integral and wise ways. This transformation requires a fundamental shift in consciousness and the emergence of global minds that can creatively live into a new worldview of an interconnected planet and a sustainable and interdependent human family. "The fullness of our humanity and the sustainability of our planet rest with the nurturing of decidedly different minds."