Workshop 2C: Student Presentation: Entrochemical Systems

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CONFERENCE: IMSAloquium Student Investigation Showcase

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Amarachi, Deborah; Okoli, Chiemelie; Rasheed, Nabeel
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The entrochemical system consists of an entrochemical device, which spontaneously generates and maintains a thermal gradient through a spontaneous entropic and thermal process. The system can be operated continually when enhanced with a solar chimney, which re-concentrates the solution used in the entrochemical device. The thermal gradient can then be applied in a distiller, daisy chained to create a large heating/cooling device, or used to generate electricity. One major issue that remains is that the entrochemical device still depends on a vacuum pump to operate, which uses fossil fuels and restricts its use in locations that have a large power supply. Our piston device solves this problem and allows for more efficient off-grid power generation virtually anywhere in the world. State of the art device and results for this device’s use on the entrochemical device will be presented.