An examination of research methods in mathematics education (1995-2005)

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Journal of Mixed Methods Research, ISSN: 1558-6898, Vol: 3, Issue: 1, Page: 26-41

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Hart, Lynn C.; Smith, Stephanie Z.; Swars, Susan L.; Smith, Marvin E.
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Social Sciences; Decision Sciences; * mixed methods; research methods; mathematics education; Education; Educational Assessment, Evaluation, and Research; Science and Mathematics Education
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This mixed methods examination of 710 research articles in mathematics education published in six prominent educational journals during the period 1995-2005 finds that 50% of the studies used qualitative methods only, 21% used quantitative methods only, and 29% mixed qualitative and quantitative methods in various ways. Although the number of mixed methods articles show some variation year to year and journal to journal, there is no discernible trend in the aggregate across this time period for the collection of journals studied. Issues explored include defining research categories and subsequently categorizing studies, balance and dominance between quantitative and qualitative strands, and integration within conclusions. © 2009 Sage Publications.