Reappraising Leonard Rapport's "No Grandfather Clause" at Thirty

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Provenance, Journal of the Society of Georgia Archivists, ISSN: 0739-4241, Vol: 29, Issue: 1, Page: 5

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Crowder, Ashby
Archival Science; Library and Information Science
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Identifying enduring value in records is elemental to the concept of archives. Consequently, the question of reevaluating past determinations of endurance goes to the core of archival theory. Despite the substantial professional literature on the appraisal of records, relatively few archival scholars or practitioners have analyzed how and whether archivists should revisit original appraisal decisions.1 Professional organizations are only beginning to deal with the issue formally. While archivists could benefit from more professional guidance in reappraisal, the small amount of literature that does exist suggests a consensus that reappraisal, when done properly, can be a component of sound collections management.