Fashion and Cotton Industries: The Impact of Water Usage

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CONFERENCE: Undergraduate Research Symposium

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Brown, Rebecca; Jackson, Alexis N
Behavioral Economics; Fashion Business; Natural Resources and Conservation; Sustainability
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In the fashion industry cotton is a-part of everyday use which leads up to excessive water usage in the cycle; from growing it and turning it into a garment. An outrageous amount of water and chemicals are utilized throughout the process of farming and constructing a garment. The industry is very dependent on land, water and other natural resources to make synthetic fibers. These impacts have made the industry create more sustainable practices to reduce the amount of waste impacting the environment. This study will evaluate consumers concern with water use pertaining to cotton textiles. Conducting a content analysis, the results will show a true cause and effect relationship between consumers and water usage. This analysis will demonstrate how a small group within a general population are contributing to the water concern in the fashion industry. Similar research will be conducted along with primary data through hosting a compressive survey. That survey will be geared towards finding information about how consumers feel about the amount of water usage in the industry and their conservation efforts to solve the problem. The data gathered will showcase that people are concerned about the fashions industry water usage and wants to conserve their water. The results will expose that a society that washes their clothing more, is due to over marketing with detergent companies. Over all, this research will show that consumers do care about the water usage and environmental impact it has on the fashion industry and the difference that can be made.