Report of the Secretary of the Interior; being part of the message and documents communicated to the two Houses of Congress at the beginning of the third session of the Forty-sixth Congress : Annual Report of the Commissioner of Education, 1880

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Indian and Aboriginal Law
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Annual Message to Congress with Documents; Pres. Hayes. 6 Dec. HED 1, 46-3, vl-12, 10,587p. [1951-1962) Indian education; Ute agreement; end of hostilities of the Apaches, and Sitting Bull's band of Sioux; allotment; annual report of the Sec. of War (Serials 1952-1957); annual report of the Sec. of Interior (Serials 1959-1961); annual report of the Gen. Land Office (Serial 1959); annual report of the CIA (Serial 1959), including Indian police, railroads through Indian lands, invasion of Indian Territory, and reports of Supts. and agents; etc.