Human Rights Practices in the Arab States: The Modern Impact of Sharī’a Values

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Georgia Journal of International & Comparative Law, ISSN: 0046-578X, Vol: 12, Issue: 1, Page: 55

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Dudley, James
Sharī’a; Islam; Saudi Arabia; Jordan; Egypt; Iraq; Arab; Koran; sunna; ijma; kiyās; ijtihād; ulama; Shi'ite; kaliphate; individual; maslaha; 'illa; praetorianism; military intervention; middle-class; Allah; populist; religious authority; secular authority; traditional-conservative state; praetorian-populist state; integrity of the person; torture; cruel and unusual punishment; arbitrary arrest and imprisonment; fair public trial; invasion of the home; social welfare needs; civil liberties; political liberties; freedom; speech; press; religion; assembly; movement; travel; emigration; authoritarianism; Civil Rights and Discrimination; Comparative and Foreign Law; Human Rights Law; Law and Economics; Law and Gender; Law and Politics; Military, War, and Peace; Religion Law
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By James Dudley, Published on 04/22/15