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Georgia Journal of International & Comparative Law, ISSN: 0046-578X, Vol: 4, Issue: 1, Page: 248

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Georgia Journal of International and Comparative Law
Africa in World Affairs: The Next Thirty Years; Ali A. Mazur; Hasu H. Patel; Civil Strife in Latin America: A Legal History of U.S. Involvement; William E. Kane; Environmental Policy: Concepts and Implications; Albert E. Utton; Daniel H. Henning; Fifty Years of Foreign Affairs; Hamilton Fish Armstrong; International Law and the Revolutionary State; Richard J. Erickson; International Manual on Collective Bargaining for Public Employees; Seymour P. Kaye; Arthur Marsh; Jubilee Book; R.J. Dupuy; Mexican Business Organizations; Robert Jones Shafer; The Legal System of Lesotho; Vernon L. Palmer; Sebastian M. Poulter; The Soviet Union in World Affairs: A Documented Analysis 1964-1972; W. W. Kulski; The Sociology of Soviet Law; James L. Hildebrand; A Treatise on International Criminal Law; M. Cherif Bassiouni; Ved P. Nanda; Charles C. Thomas; International Law; Legal Writing and Research
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By Georgia Journal of International and Comparative Law, Published on 06/08/16