Soviet Accession to the Universal Copyright Convention: Possible Implications for Future Foreign Publication of Dissidents’ Works

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Georgia Journal of International & Comparative Law, ISSN: 0046-578X, Vol: 4, Issue: 2, Page: 404

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Ross, Lee J, Jr.
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics; Universal Copyright Convention; Accession; UNESCO; Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn; The Gulag Archipelago 1918-1956; UCC; Soviet Copyright law; Lenin; Bolshevik seizure of power; All-Union Central Executive Committee; VTsIK; Department of Education of the RSFSR; People’s Commissariat of Education; On the Publication of Russian Writers; On the Recognition of Scientific Literary Musical and Artistic Works as State Property; RSFSR Council of People's Commissars; On the Nullification of Contracts Establishing Full Ownership of Literary and Artistic Works; Nationalization of intellectual property; Fundamental private property right; GLAVLIT; Main Department for the Protection of State Secrets in the Press of the Council of Ministers of the USSR; Chief Administration for Matters of Literature and Publishing Houses; 1938 Soviet Civil Law Textbook; Article 125 of the 1936 USSR Constitution; Freedom of the press; 1928 Soviet Copyright Act; United States Copyright Law; Principles of Civil Legislation of the USSR and Union Republics; Samizdat; Amalrik; Peter Peterson; Foreign Trade Minister N. Patolichey; Boris Stukhalin; USSR State Committee on Publishing; Stewart Richardson; Doubleday Publishing Co.; August 1914; Bodley Head Ltd.; Dr. Fitz Heeb; YMCA Press in Paris; Berne Convention; Alec Flegon; Flegon Press; English 1956 Copyright Act; English Copyright Order of 1964; Presidium of the USSR Supreme Soviet; Decree 138; Boris Pankin; Soviet Copyright Agency; Legal successor; Authors’ League of America; Senator John McClellan; Representative Robert Kastenmeier; Roger Strauss; Jerome Weidman; Senate Bill 1359; Representative Jonathan Bingham; The First Circle; Cancer Ward; Dr. Yuri Matveev; Kiev University; Copyright Protection in the USSR; Abe Goldman; Domestic Copyright Revision Bill; Dissident works; Comparative and Foreign Law; Constitutional Law; Contracts; European Law; Intellectual Property Law; International Law; Legislation
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By Lee J. Ross Jr., Published on 06/27/16