Synergy and Tradition: The Unity of Research, Service, and Teaching in Legal Education

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Pasquale, Frank A.
legal education; techno-utopianism; MOOC; legal scholarship; legal profession; higher education; monetization; Legal Education
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Most non-profit law schools generate public goods of enormous value: important research, service to disadvantaged communities, and instruction that both educates students about present legal practice and encourages them to improve it. Each of these missions informs and enriches the others. However, technocratic management practices menace law schools’ traditional missions of balancing theory and practice, advocacy and scholarly reflection, study of and service to communities. This article defends the unity and complementarity of law schools’ research, service, and teaching roles. (For those short on time, the chart on pages 45-46 encapsulates the conflicting critiques of law schools which this article responds to.)