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CONFERENCE: Undergraduate Research and Innovation Conference

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Huggins, Jay
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The foundation of modern medicine relies on antibiotics. From cancer treatments and dialysis to treating common infection, antibiotics are required. I share a personal connection to antibiotics as without them, I may not be alive today. Unfortunately, antibiotics may not be the saving grace to our descendants as they were to us. We are now beginning to see the effects of overexploiting another one of our natural resources, antibiotics. From what we now know the effectiveness of antibiotics will only get worse. In the style of creative non-fiction, a dystopian yet plausible future of a world without antibiotics will be examined. The questions of how the practice of medicine will continue after our antibiotics fail and what society is doing to stop the antibiotics crisis will be explored. These questions will be looked at through the context of my own personal conflict of entering a field that is losing its primary tool with feasible replacements far from being ready.