Estimating Minimum Effective Dose in Dose Response Studies

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Li, Zezheng
Dosage (Drugs); Dose-response relationship (Drugs); Mathematical Models; Applied Mathematics; Chemicals and Drugs; Mathematics; Medicine and Health Sciences
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The proper understanding and characterization of the dose-response relationship for a new compound is a fundamental step in the clinical development process of any medicinal drug. A major goal of dose-finding studies is to estimate target doses of interest. Among the many target doses that can be estimated the minimum effective dose (MED) is of particular interest. Here the MED is defined as the smallest dose that produces a practically relevant response. Thus, any dose smaller than the MED can be discarded for future studies or for potential release in the market. In this thesis, we will study various optimal designs for estimating the MED. More specifically, we will study designs that minimize the asymptotic variance of the MED estimator under a particular dose response model.