Remarks on the Hartford Convention, or, An Exposition of the Conduct and a Development of the Ulterior Policy of the Federalists of Massachusetts, during the Late War

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Francis Douglas, Printer
Federalists; U. S. Constitution; United States History
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The Hartford Convention was a meeting of New England Federalists held in December 1814. Federalists who opposed U.S. involvement in the War of 1812, were seeking a strategy to retain political power and protect their economic interests in the region. As a result of this convention, amendments to the United States Constitution, intended to preserve Federalist power, were went to Congress including the requirement that 2/3 of Congress must approval a declaration of war or to admit a new state; that Presidents have a one-term limit; and that the 3/5th Compromise be abolished. The proposals were never acted upon. (Incomplete, includes the first 25 pages).