Turning Oars 067

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Marshall, Tyrone
LCN; Oral History; Oregon Coast; Cultural History; Speech and Rhetorical Studies; Theatre and Performance Studies
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The Turning Oars collection features a series of photographs depicting the process of creating oars for Cape Kiwanda Wood Products of Pacific City by partners Paul Hanneman and Terry Learned. To look at the process chronologically, view the images in numerical order (Turning Oars 001 — Turning Oars 072). Terry Learned provided the description for this image.This image provides a view of the oar similar to the one seen in Turning Oars 063. Here, a bit more removal of wood and shaping of the paddle is evident. The process described in Turning Oars 064, Turning Oars 065, and Turning Oars 067 continues until the shaping of the oar blade has been completed.