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Knoeringer, Katherine
glue and painted paper; stranger dome for dreamscapes; dichotomies; collage culture
thesis / dissertation description
This body of work is about looking and contemplating. Intense concentration requires solitude, which is why the figures that appear in the work are either literally isolated or seem detached from others around them. Sometimes the events the figures witness are ordinary, but more often their environments have mysterious or whimsical qualities. The whimsy comes from two places; fictional literature and childhood fantasies. Reading connects me to things and ideas outside of myself and allows the work to vacillate between the reality of normal daily observation and the mental escape of daydreaming. I want to make a place where everything is better and to which people can escape. Common iconography I’ve developed includes dogs, kites, homes, trees, blimps, and people I know. This work is asking you to notice and appreciate the details of your landscape; imagined and real.