Development of a Food Preference Survey

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McGuerty, Amber Bourgeois
survey development; adolescent; food preference
thesis / dissertation description
This study developed a food preference survey to estimate adolescents’ willingness to consume energy-dense foods and sugar-sweetened beverages. Five focus group interviews with 13 to 19 year-old students were conducted, and items representing energy-dense foods, energy-dilute foods, sweetened beverages, and unsweetened beverages were determined (5 per category). The final survey was administered to 234 students. Willingness to consume items was assessed using a 7-point Likert Scale (1, representing “Extremely Unwilling” to 7, indicating “Extremely Willing”). Exploratory Factor Analysis using Principal Axis factoring with a Promax (oblique) rotation revealed two factors. Factor one included French fries, Kool-Aid, glazed donuts, cookies, lemonade, and pizza (23.9% of the variance). Factor 2 included nuts or peanut butter, low-fat or fat-free yogurt, grapes, and bananas (13.8% of the variance). Cronbach’s alpha was 0.770 for factor 1 and 0.664 for factor 2.