Midwest China Oral History Interviews

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Nelson, Russell E.
Midwest China Center
Augustana Lutheran Synod; College of Chinese Studies; Peking; Japanese; Yuhsien; Honan; Wu Djen Ming; Chinese; evangelist; famine; Pearl Harbor; West China; Lutheran World Federation; LWF; German missions; Canton; Norwegians; post-war; post-WWII; agricultural; Christian; Buddhists; Hong Kong; seminary; Daniel Nelson; post-civil war; Communists; Chiang Kai-shek; Peng Fu; Mainland China; Three-Self Movement; Taiwan
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Early Life: education; called by Augustana Lutheran Synod as evangelical worker, 1939; trip to China.China Experiences: description of teaching method at College of Chinese Studies, Peking; evangelical techniques; experience obtaining visa for interior from Japanese; trip to and station at Yuhsien, Honan; adjustments to life in Yuhsien, Honan; description of Rev. Wu Djen Ming; practices Chinese gave up to become Lutherans; work as an evangelist at countryside outstations and marketplaces; the Honan famine and relief efforts, early 1940s; Yuhsien after Pearl Harbor; leaves Yuhsien due to Japanese advance; journey to West China and to America, 1944; called as Lutheran World Federation (LWF) South China Commissioner to supervise and assist the German missions in China after WWII; the post-war status of the German missions; efforts to prevent repatriation of German missionary doctor; response of Germans and Chinese to narrator; Nazi activity in Canton; Norwegians assume responsibility for German missions; comparison of post-WWI and post-WWII German mission; education of German missionary children; efforts to prevent confiscation of German mission property; efforts to align the German missions with LWF; identification of the need for agricultural missionaries in post-war China; experience with Christian Mission to Buddhists, Hong Kong; resigns LWF position to accept faculty position at Lutheran Seminary in Shekow, 1946; the evacuation of the seminary to Hong Kong, 1948; memories of Daniel Nelson, Jr.; the post-civil war issue of working with Communists; response to Chiang Kai-shek; memories of Peng Fu; perception of missionaries' responses to being forced out of Mainland China; response to the Three-Self Movement; experiences in Hong Kong and Taiwan as missionary; effects of the missionary movement on Christianity in the U.S.