Toy: Mickey Mouse Medical Kit - 2" by Normadeane Armstrong Ph.D, A.N.P.

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Armstrong, Normadeane, Ph.D, A.N.P.
Mickey Mouse; Minnie Mouse; Pluto; Donald; Medical; Doctor; Nurse; Kit; toy; set; playset; Walt Disney; Nursing; nurses; antique; vintage; old; molloy college; toyville hospital; child; children
artifact description
This is a Walt Disney Mickey Mouse Medical Kit produced by Empire Toys Kids Love part of Carolina Enterprise Inc. located in North Carolina but made in Hong Kong. The set is housed in a red vinyl box with blue interior and features a cardboard slide in of Mickey and Minnie Mouse rushing to provide aid to their patients, Donald, and Pluto. This set includes red plastic, tongs, hammer, mirror, thermometer, tweezers, syringe, spoon, scissors, eyeglasses, stethoscope, 3 dishes (one with Mickey and Minnie heads featured), a water bag, a head mirror, blood pressure gauge, a yellow plastic thermometer and Mickey mouse stop watch, absorbent cotton box featuring nurse Minnie Mouse, a clear plastic syringe and two thermometers, three small clear plastic containers with blue, yellow, and red lids, three white plastic measuring cups, a white and red stethoscope and microscope, a blue and yellow microscope, four cardboard pill boxes featuring Pluto, Donald, Minnie and Mickey, a white medical armband, and two small pill containers (one with Minnie Mouse’s head on it). Additionally, the set contains various medical related papers including, Instructions for playing Mickey Mouse Doctor and Nurse, Doctor Diploma, Nurse Diploma, Certificates of Good Health, Prescription forms, Health Records, Immunization Records, Appointment sheets, Eyechart, three Toyville Hospital Guides, and one Playtown Banker 1 dollar bill.