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Sauron is a monitoring program designed to keep watch over multiple networked objects and whether or not they are currently connected or disconnected to a network (intranet or internet). It communicates with devices using the ICMP protocol over any IPv4 or IPv6 based network using TCP/IP. The user specifies the objects it wishes to monitor, the users it wishes to notify about certain scenarios, and the interval it wishes the monitoring to take place. The system stores all this information in a local database, along with various statistics regarding the monitored computers. The system can use its own database or any other database method that supports SQL based. The system uses a separate thread to monitor the specified computers on some set interval, as assigned by the user. If the system cannot contact a computer, then it may execute any combination of scenarios including, but not limited to: shut a computer off, restart a computer, or log a user off of a computer. If the computer is off, the system can wake the computer up. The system can also be set to notify a user via email if a monitored object goes down. The system generates an html page that can be saved to an accessible directory. This facilitates server based monitoring and sharing via the World Wide Web. The system leverages the technologies of Graphical User Interface programming, multi threading, application-layer networking, network-layer networking, email creation, sending an email message, and file output/organization.