Recreational Therapy Licensure

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White, Anna; Fisher, Eden
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Licensure is a critical part of the professionalism of any discipline and provides protection to the public. Licensure benefits include quality healthcare delivery, ensuring public safety, benchmark for practice, and protecting the public. Licensure gives the field of recreational therapy high quality standards of practice that must be met and an acceptance of professionalism within the medical field. Professions that recreation therapy closely relates to include occupational therapy and physical therapy, both are licensed professions. Recreation therapists plans, directs, and coordinates recreation programs and purposeful interventions for people with disabilities or illnesses. This research is a quantitative study addressing the support of licensure in the field of recreational therapy in Kentucky. Support for licensure is reported, Kentucky can mimic the licensure process of other states (North Carolina, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Utah). This poster presentation includes background information on how current states with recreation therapy licensure succeeded in their process of gaining this credentialing in their state. The research will display the step-by-step licensure processes and give insight into how this goal could be accomplished in Kentucky.