Collapsible Shampoo Bottle

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Geralds, Carly; Shepherd, Jacon
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How many times in a year does a bottle stop giving you the substance when the pump can no longer reach it? Not only is it an annoyance but also it can simply be fixed. We surveyed 200 people, 76% of people found that when the pump can no longer reach the liquid at the bottom it was an annoyance. While only 31% of people found an answer to their annoyance. The Container Recycling Institute states that more than 60 million plastic bottles end up in landfills and incinerators every day- a total of 22 billion last year. Many of these still had useable soap and other products inside them. This shows a waste of material and is harsh on the environment. Using biodegradable materials we have innovated the shampoo bottle so that all the substance left at the bottom after the pump cannot get it is easily accessible for everyone. Much like a collapsible funnel that you would use in cooking the bottle folds up on a section at a time so that at the end you can get all of the substance. As the bottle gets emptier the sections fold up so once you've used enough for the first section it will fold up allowing for you to get all of the substance. Testing our prototype will be done by comparing the amount of substance remaining our collapsible bottle versus normal shampoo bottles. Data will be compared to determine which bottle on average, by percentage of product left in bottle, is more efficient.