Before the panic sets in: Preparing pre-service teachers to provide social and emotional learning supports to students from "hard places."

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CONFERENCE: Scholar Week 2016 - present

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Stipp, Brian
Education; cumulative environmental risk; social and emotional learning; trust-based relational intervention; school-wide positive behavior supports; non-violent crisis intervention; teacher preparation; pre-service teachers; Teacher Education and Professional Development
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Beginning teachers are not prepared to meet the social emotional learning (SEL) needs of their students. A course designed to ameliorate this problem has been written and conducted during the fall, 2016 semester among ONU teacher candidates. The Scholar Week Presentation will describe the course’s content and teaching methods, and the results found from evaluating the impact of the course on its nine participants. The presentation will provide answers to four research questions (RQs). How much (RQ1), and in what ways (RQ2), were the participants’ knowledge of SEL techniques and sense of preparedness for handling student stress impacted through the course? Which elements of the CIEBS course impacted PSTs’ knowledge and sense of preparedness for handle student stress (RQ3)? To what experiences do individual course participants attribute their changes in teacher efficacy for managing the classroom and sense preparedness for handling student stress (RQ4)?