German Luftwaffe squadron" by Unknown

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World War; 1939-1945--Aerial operations; German--Photographs; Germany. Luftwaffe--History--Photographs; World War; 1939-1945--Germany--Photographs; Soldiers--German--Photographs; Buildings--Germany--Photographs; American--Photographs; United States. Army Air Forces--History--Photographs; Bombers--United States--Photographs; B-24 Bomber--Photographs; World War; German--Photographs; Messerschmitt 109 (Fighter planes)--Photographs; World War; 1939-1945--Africa; North--Photographs; Africa; North--History--Photographs; World War; 1939-1945--Libya--Photographs; Soldiers--United States--Photographs
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Black & White photograph of German Luftwaffe squadron marching in formation at an unidentified Luftwaffe airfield in Germany, circa 1935-1945. There is a group of people standing in a line outside of the hangar.