The Effects of a Graphic Novel, Modified Literature Circle, and Vocabulary Intervention for an Eighth Grader who is Other-Health Impaired (OHI)

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Michaels, Ryan
Education; Reading comprehension; Vocabulary; Graphic novels in education
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An intervention focused on reading comprehension, vocabulary acquisition, and student motivation to read was designed and implemented to meet the needs and IEP goals of an 8th grade student in an urban, midwestern school. The student, qualified for special education services as a student with an Other-Health Impairment (OHI). The student had been medically diagnosed with ADHD, an anxiety disorder, Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD), and a mood disorder. The intervention used graphic novels, modified literature circles, (Hines & Dellinger, 2009) and vocabulary study techniques including a Four-Square graphic organizer (Cockrum & Markel, 2007) and a modified word sort activity (Joseph and Orlins, 2009). A comparison of pre-intervention and post-intervention data for comprehension (QRI-5; Leslie & Caldwell, 2011) did not show a difference in reading comprehension as a result of the intervention although the researcher will argue that the comprehension results of this assessment do not adequately measure the student's growth in reading comprehension. The student did demonstrate improvement in vocabulary acquisition and student motivation to read as a result of the intervention.